Tutorial for "Manage Domain"

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Manage Domain

  1. Open "Manage Domain" page from the Portal Navigation Menu.

  2. This is the "Manage Domain" interface.
    In here, we can add/delete domains, import/download domains, set the default domain, set domain permissions and other properties.
  3. The "CompareFiles" domain as shown below below is now marked as the Default (Is in BOLD)

  4. Click on "Add Domain" to create a new domain.

  5. Enter the new domain name in the popup window.

  6. Click on "Import Domain" to import an existing domain

  7. We can either give a pointer to an existing domain Zip file, or upload one. Here we are pointing to a domain zip file present in the wings servers. Other domains can be found here: http://www.wings-workflows.org/domains

  8. Select a domain, and click on Execution Engine -> "Local" or "Distributed" to change how it is run. Note, for Distributed Execution Engine, make sure that the distributed "Resources" and machines have been appropriately defined in the "Manage Resources" interface.

  9. Select a domain and click on "Set Permissions" to set Domain permissions.

  10. In the window that opens, select the users to give permission to. These users will be able to view and edit everything in this domain, as well as being able to run workflows in this domain.

  11. Click on "Download" to download the domain zip file. This can be shared with other users.

  12. Click on "Rename" to rename a domain.

  13. Click on "Delete" to delete a domain.