Tutorial for "Manage Data"

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Add Datatype, Property

  1. Open "Manage Data" page from the Portal Navigation Menu.

  2. This is the "Manage Data" interface.
    In here, we can add Datatypes, Upload data and add metadata properties.

  3. First, select (in yellow) the Parent Datatype for the new datatype that we will create. Here we have selected "TextFile"

  4. A window will popup asking for the name of the new Datatype.

  5. The newly created Datatype "CSVFile" appears.

  6. Click on the new Datatype to see it's Metadata Properties. The Metadata Properties are divided into two halves. The top one is editable, and contains the Properties defined for this Datatype. The bottom half is not editable, and displays the properties that are inherited from Parent Datatypes.

  7. Here, you can specify the Property, and the Property range.
    As of now, the range of the property can only be one of 5 primitive datatypes.

  8. Then click on "Save" to store the metadata property

  9. Upload Data

    1. Select "Manage Data" from the "Advanced" Menu. Select the Datatype from the "Data" section and then click on "Upload Files" button to add new files for the datatype.

    2. A Window will appear as shown below.

    3. Click on the "Add File" button and select the files for the datatype

    4. Click on "Upload" to start uploading datasets.

    5. After the upload finishes, close the popup window.
      You will see the newly uploaded data under the Datatype for which the data was uploaded.

    6. Click on "Save" to save the metadata for this Dataset.