Manage Component Types

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Manage Component Types

  1. Open "Manage Component Types" page from the Portal Navigation Menu.

  2. This is the "Manage Component Types" interface. In here, we can add abstract component types, and organize them into categories

  3. A window will popup asking for the name of the new Component Category.

  4. The new Category appears under the top-level "Components". If we wanted it under another category, we could've selected it before Adding new Category.

  5. A window will popup asking for the name of the new Component type.

  6. The newly created Component is shown in the tree under 'WordCounts'

  7. The various tabs for the component type are shown below:

    Now this component's IO can be described.

  8. Click on the "Add" button to add Input Data, Input Parameters, or Output Data.

  9. Give a unique name as the argument identifier, and select a type for it.
    The dimensionality can be set to 1, in case a single instance of this Component expects an input data collection of unspecified size (like a "merge" step)

  10. If any input parameters are expected for the component, then click on the "Add" button in the "Input Parameters" section.
    Remember to add the datatype, and a default value for the parameter

  11. Similarly add the output identifiers.

  12. Click the "Save" button to save the Component Type Description