WINGS is a semantic workflow system that assists scientists with the design of computational experiments. A unique feature of WINGS is that its workflow representations incorporate semantic constraints about datasets and workflow components, and are used to create and validate workflows and to generate metadata for new data products. WINGS submits workflows to execution frameworks such as Pegasus and OODT to run workflows at large scale in distributed resources. [more]

Tutorial / Reference for the Wings Workflow Portal

We've created a simple tutorial that works as a reference for users already familiar with the Workflow Portal, and provides new users with steps explaining how to go about creating data, components and workflows, as well as how to run the workflows and access output data.

The tutorial can be accessed here:

New Wings web site

Wings has now a new web site, with more comprehensive information as well as interactive features for our collaborators and users.

Wings Sandbox Release

We are making a WINGS sandbox available for anyone to learn about WINGS. The sandbox is available as a web portal and no software needs to be installed. The sandbox has a simple set of workflows that we have developed for tutorial purposes. The Wings Semantic Workflow Reasoner runs in the background, the user interface is the Wings Web Portal, and the execution is done by the Pegasus workflow mapping and execution system.

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