Wings is now integrated in the Disk portal

The DISK project (automated DIscovery of Scientific Knowledge) aims to develop a novel approach to automate the hypothesize-test-evaluate discovery cycle with an intelligent system that a scientist can task with lines of inquiry to test hypotheses of interest. DISK extends the existing WINGS intelligent workflow system for scientific data analysis, applying it to multi-omics.
DISK has four major research objectives:

1) Representing hypotheses and associated evidence and confidence values;

2) Formulating lines of inquiry that express how to test hypotheses by running data analysis workflows against the data available;

3) Designing a meta-analysis engine that uses meta-workflows to assess the results of lines of inquiry and to revise and extend the original hypotheses accordingly; and

4) Developing intelligent agents for interactive discovery that explain new findings to scientists.

Check out the DISK Prototype for additional details!